Is sanemi stronger than giyuu

Giyuu is top 3 by the end of series, not at the start. Bro lost a hand of course he would be weaker than Sanemi. Could even argue he would be weaker than Tengen at that point since they both had one hand and Tengen outdoes Giyuu in all physical attributes. But at their peaks, Giyuu and Sanemi surely are relative to each other..

One of my favorite parts about Sanemi's combat style. He mixes it up, and thinks fast. Unlike other slayer who use unique and specialized weapons, that sometimes add to the slayer strengths, cover weaknesses and add versatility. Shinobu's ingenuity allows her to be lethal despite her not being that physically strong.To answer your question, neither one is stronger than the other. Wind Breath is supposed to be mostly offensive like Flame Breath while Water Breath is Flexible and adaptive. KnYchan2 • 2 yr. ago That what I think too, Giyuu was able to deflect sanemi and break his wooden sword because he's more adaptive.

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Tengen has like 3x the more experience then Giyuu. How the hell is Giyuu more of a master when he’s a half assed water hashira compared to tengen who’s been nonstop training forever. Tengen imo. He’s faster, stronger, more experienced, has explosives and is overall a pretty good counter to Giyuu’s defence.Gyomei Himejima is physically stronger than his fellow Demon Slayer Hashira, wields one of the most impressive Nichirin swords in history, and commands the respect of both Demon Slayers and demons alike, all without his eyesight. While Gyomei hasn't had much screen time so far by the end of Demon Slayer season 3, he plays a …As for his level compared to Gyomei and Sanemi, he is still below Gyomei, Sanemi, Giyuu and Obanai but not significantly below. He can still be comparable to them as he didn't master Sun Breath and couldn't keep STW for long as seen in Muzan's fight. But an Adult Tanjiro with the mastery of every ability is likely gonna surpass Gyomei. Massive_Anime_Simp • 1 yr. ago. According to the author of Demon Slayer, he had ordered the Hashira by power from powerful to weak. Giyuu was placed under the "strong" category along with Rengoku Kyojiro, Kanroji Mitsuri, and Sanemi Shinazuka. Extra: Gyomei: Most powerful. Uzui: Super powerful. Muichiro: Normal.

Sanemi Versus Giyuu Whiytibf Aug 5, 2022 8-a demon slayer demon slayer manga giyuu tomioka sanemi shinazugawa Whiytibf 8 2 Aug 5, 2022 #1 Match Rules: Battle Location: Ubuyashiki Mansion Both 8-a Keys Starting Distance: 15 Meters Speed Unequaliezd Both Bloodlusted vote giyuu : sanemi : @denzeelmao @Dread inconclusive: Last edited: Aug 5, 2022Gyomei Himejima is physically stronger than his fellow Demon Slayer Hashira, wields one of the most impressive Nichirin swords in history, and commands the respect of both Demon Slayers and demons alike, all without his eyesight. While Gyomei hasn't had much screen time so far by the end of Demon Slayer season 3, he plays a …Sanemi was fatigued, injured, missing 2 fingers and holding his guts with breathing techniques and bandages. Gyomei was fatigued, cut and bruised too. Unmarked Iguro was stronger than Marked Giyuu and marked Sanemi against Muzan, and that's why he was able to perform at their level. I think Obanai is the second strongest Hashira after Gyomei. He performed better against Muzan than Sanemi (and Giyuu), and all of that being blind (now imagine being 100% healthy). His feats are superior imo. Same with Kanao. People underestimates Obanai and Kanao a lot, while I always see people saying Rengoku is Top3 (wtf). Obani was also ...2- the other three Hashiras came from battles against two of the strongest uppermoons and with severe injuries while Obanai came all fresh with absolutely no injuries. 3- Obanai didn’t fight a (real) upper moon by himself so we cant say for 100% that he is stronger than Giyu or Muichiro…. 6. ciffcut. Kokushibo.

9 Shinobu Kocho. Shinobu Kocho’s placement as the weakest Hashira should be one of the most justifiable placements on the list. For starters, Shinobu herself claims she’s too weak to decapitate a demon, so that automatically works against her. Shinobu's Insect Breathing in Demon Slayer makes up for it with powerful poison, but even that ...Uzui and co. struggled and almost died to Upper Moon 6, whereas Rengoku and co. were able to defeat Lower Moon 1 without much damage. I'm more inclined to say Enmu falls in between the two levels since Upper Moon demons have lived for over 100 years without dying. Also, Upper Moon 6 has killed over 10 pillars in their lifetime.Sanemi and it isn’t even close. Giyuu had trouble keeping up with Akaza from the beginning while Sanemi lasted for a good while against Kokushibou. Sanemi also had a far better showing against Muzan than Giyuu. The better question would be who’s stronger between Obanai and Sanemi. ….

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I doubt it would go 9/10 to Sanemi. Considering sanemi is top 3 strongest hashira and rengoku isnt....yeah sanemi washes rengoku thoroughly. But if Kyojuro was alive in the last arc, receiving the training and the mark, I still think they are equals. Kyojuro/Sanemi/Giyuu. I'd say overall Sanemi is stronger. Well she is strong. Even though she fought a douma who toyed. She atleast fought her till sunrise Meanwhile low level hashira inosuke and kanao struggled in very less time and would've died. Kanae survived the whole night. So if she was alive I would personally place her top 5 or 4. Like most of the Hashira in the series, anime viewers don't really know a ton about Sanemi Shinazugawa. However, his wild look and demeanor should be indicative enough of just how powerful this ...

Like Giyuu was a hashira before Sanemi, Rengoku, Shinobu, Mitsuri, Muichiro and Obanai. The only ones who outrank him in seniority is Tengen and Gyomei, but mostly because they are older than him. So as good as a swordsman Obanai is, I would consider Giyuu stronger than him based on experience and physical strength.There are many who would say that Giyu Tomioka is stronger than Sanemi Shinazugawa. After all, Giyu is a Water Hashira while Sanemi is only a Wind Hashira. ... No definitive answer exists as to whether or not Iguro is stronger than Giyuu. However, there are a few key factors that could potentially make Iguro the stronger fighter of the two. …Conclusion: Sanemi is stronger at fighting demons, tengen is stronger at fighting humans, but because the job is killing demons I will give it to Sanemi. Please tell me what you think and add an explanation if possible. 13. 83 comments. Best. Add a …

ikea x sailor moon Giyuu vs Mui - lmao. Giyuu wins. 9-10/10 . Mui is just too inexperienced. Giyuu atleast scales to Sanemi, who is def stronger than Mui if we go by the UM1 showing. Tengen vs Obanai - not sure. Lean a bit towards Obanai, based on the Muzan fight. Obanai isSanemi is skilled in hand to hand combat cutting tanjiro with just a kick. He even proposed the idea of him and giyu fist fighting after training, implying he'd have an advantage. 33 113 113 comments Add a Comment AutoModerator • 7 mo. ago • flowhcm loginhow much does a ferret cost at petco We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Sanemi takes offence, Giyu takes defence. Breathing Style: Giyu. Water Breathing is a pretty much balanced in offence and defence. Wind Breathing is just offence mostly. Power: Sanemi. Wind Breathing. Durability: Giyu. Withstood Akaza's strongest attack and still managed to fight with one dead, bleeding arm. seminole county sheriff helicopter activity I think the 21 Trio (Sanemi, Giyuu, and Obanai) are rather equal and definitely are the 2nd or 3rd or 4th strongest Hashira (whatever you want to put them doesn't matter to me). They aren't like Gyoumei who's a whole … rule 34 choo choo charlesfedex ground pickup locations near mepersona 5 royal kaneshiro palace will seeds It's the closest derivative of sun breathing apart from moon maybe. 4.Physical Speed rengoku is faster than giyuu Actually no You're saying it by seeing the "running race" rank of hashira Rengoku only has more running speed than giyuu etc … peoria craigslist free VS Gyutaro: (SANEMI LOW DIFF). Sanemi's Wind Breathing is destructive so it would also counter Gyutaro's poison attacks. VS Kaigaku: (SANEMI NEGATIVE DIFF). No explanation needed. VS Gyokko: (SANEMI LOW DIFF). Sanemi's speed surpasses Marked Muichiro a lot, and he is overall stronger than Marked Muichiro. So he'd also beat Gyokko without much ... craigslist gigs jobs houston txbest place to farm frostweave wotlk classicyoutube car crashes Sanemi is noticeably faster and stronger even without Mark. Giyuu also has a stupidly quick reaction with OP defense. But yes, give Muichiro at least a couple of years (or even less) and he will simply outshine them. If he was an adult, he would be the strongest Hashira. 由於此網站的設置,我們無法提供該頁面的具體描述。