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Welcome to my world of Femdom, Hypnosis and Brainwashing. Update: I am holding a Locktober Bootcamp for October 2023. Come join the fun! I will be sending reminders, giving tasks, and evaluating caged cocks! Hypnosis allows you to unlock parts of your mind you didn’t know existed. With the guidance of my voice, you can experience mental changes …. max volume. [F4A] [hypnosis] let me control your mind [amnesia] [brainwashing] This is a lovely blanking brainwashy type file that allows me to toy with your mind while still keeping your mind clear of any idea of what I'm max volume. Binaural Brainwashing Pt 2. [F4A] [Gender Neutral] [Induction] [Confusion Induction] [Short] [Free Content] [Binaural Beats] [Layering] [Brainwashing] [Trigger Word Placement] [Counting Wake Up] [Erotic Triggers] [NSFW] Ah my dear… welcome back…. You’re ready to get settled down aren’t you? Because you …

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Brainwashing hypnosis let me control your mind amnesia triggers hypnotic missmariecherry F4A fun and sexy asmr Show more A hypnosis file that helps me sink deep into your mind and helps to lead you even deeper than you've ever gone before. The deeper we go the easier it is to make your conscious mind forget everything.Hunt for brainwashing found on [-] Follow us on social media. Youtube Facebook Twitter Instagram Reddit Odysee Gettr Rumble Bitchute Minds [-] Apps. Coin Account Membership Banned Websites About Contact Languages Settings Social Support [-] max volume. Wholesome Background Brainwashing. This file is meant to be something you can casually listen to on a loop while doing mundane tasks and going about your day which will further your current level of conditioning and provide positive affirmations and suggestions of self care.

Brainwashed. (script by Chewtoy) [F4A] [induction] [wakener] [amnesia] [femdom] [conditioning] it would enhance the experience for the listener to be sitting in front of a …Click above to trance Right now[F4M] [F4TF] [JOI] [Drone] [Mindless Masturbation] [Latex] [Transformation] [Brainwashing] [Mind Control] [Dronification] [Very Interactive] [Mantras] [Commands max volume. Good Girl Brainwashing [Hypnosis] [Loop] [Brainwashing] [Multiple Layers] [Gentle Domination] [Edging] [Helplessness] [Addiction] All the [Good Girl]'s [Possessive] This file brainwashes you into being a good girl for me. It will increase obedience and submission and make you lose your sexual inhibitions when ...Click above to trance Right now

The Shibbydex is a detailed catalogue of all files that I (Shibby) have produced to date, totally over 500 audios thus far. It is designed to be a comprehensive breakdown of the hypnosis techniques used within each audio.[F4M] Lust Addiction [Script Fill] [Hypnosis] [JOI/HFO] [Brainwashing] [Corruption] [Addiction] [Affirmation] [Verbal Response] [Experimental] [Good Boy] [Pet]Welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Brainwashing Center. This immersive experience offers an intriguing journey through five unique tests designed to acquire satisfaction tokens, which are essential to unlocking the ultimate experiment. Prepare to surrender your mind as you dive into the depths of your mind, embracing the ... ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Soundgasm brainwashing. Possible cause: Not clear soundgasm brainwashing.

Brainwashing These brainwashing files gives you the effect of the classic brainwash fantasy but without any serious effects outside the sessions itself, except becoming addicted to more brainwashing, wanting to come back and program yourself more and more…Details: This is an Erotic Hypnosis Brainwashing fantasy recording. The voices are designed to help your mind focus on the contents of the recording without feeling the impulse to give in to distractions like your phone, social media, or any app with an addicting algorithm. max volume. Bimbofication 101. This is a file designed to enhance bimbo behaviours. Begins with a deep induction and fractionation followed by a bimbofication fantasy and re-education. [Brainwashing] [Hypnosis] [Bimbo] [Re-education] [IQ reduction] [Obedience] Logo Home Login Signup Contact. RisqueWriter777. play stop. mute unmute max volume. repeat [M4F] Brainwashing my Coworker at Lunchtime. This delightful little script courtesy of u/Dibokucres was a blast to record and finally helped get me out of my inspirational slump.

craigslist pensacola florida pets max volume. The Brainwashing Chair. Collab with u/POVscribe! [FF4M] [Script Fill] [Fdom] [Hypno] [Restraint] …Hiii this is my first file so i hope you enjoyy <3 This file includes bimbofication mantras and suggestions to loop and listen again soo if ur not comfy with this maybe dont listennn, it also has mentions of good girlll and obedience <3. aldi outdoor furniture 2023removing faceplate from ring doorbell max volume. [F4A] Mindless to the Metronome [Hypnosis] [Short] [Metronome] [Fdom] [Conditioning] [Pleasure] [Triggers] [Haptics Script Available] Deeper into pleasure and deeper into submission as I continue to condition you to feel pleasure from my metronome. For even more fun, there is a haptics script that you can find on my ...Bimbo Bubblegum Brainwashing [F4A] [Gender Neutral] [Bimbo] [Brainwashing] [Overload] [Loop] [Layered Voices] [Bubblegum] [IQ Play] [Dumbing Down] Welcome to … meetnative Mistress amethyst - Submit To Chastity - 30 Days Of AssignmentsMissing 2 files: - A shade of amethyst - Tricks for AudioAstronomer. max volume. Generic Brainwashing Audio [F4A] You know, obedience and mindlessness and horniness and all that jazz. john deere x330 belt diagramorigins double tapantonyms of experience max volume. BRAINWASHING - Beginning. 19 minutes. Done in ASMR-style whispers. A personal project, created for a particular submissive, a partner of mine who enjoyed ASMR and published with her permission. Creates a deep desire to sexually serve me, specifically, so be aware of that. As this was created specifically for a partner ...Hiii this is my first file so i hope you enjoyy <3 This file includes bimbofication mantras and suggestions to loop and listen again soo if ur not comfy with this maybe dont listennn, it also has mentions of good girlll and obedience <3. fenway park seat view 3d max volume The Brainwashing Chair Collab with u/POVscribe! [FF4M] [Script Fill] [Fdom] [Hypno] [Restraint] [Machine Milking] [Evil Genius] Mentions of [Kidnapping] [Drugging] so [Rape] [Becoming a Minion] [whispers] [tons of layers] [binaurals] [vibrating sleeve] blue book value motorcycle hondatiffaliciousxxlabcorplink provider login max volume. So you want to be a brainwashed plaything... lucky! Only listen beyond this point if you want to find yourself feeling compelled, powerless and utterly under someone else's control. If you've ever been curious to discover just how enchanted a person can become... how receptive one can be to the words of another, and ...