Eaahnikh ahmokpatia

GRECIA - MONEDA GRIEGA 1994 - 10 APAXMEM - EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA. 2,00 €. Estado del lote: Bueno (muy pocas señales de uso) Añadir al carrito. Hacer oferta..

A 1979 Eaahnikh Ahmokpatia 20 is worth about $5 if it is in brilliant condition. If it is not in good condition, it will only be worth about $.015 in the United States. What is a eaahnikh ...EAAHNIKH AHMOKPÂTIA YHOYPFEIO EEQTEPIKON IIPEEBEIA THE EAAAAOE ETH MAAPITH Ilknp.: Av. Dr. Arce 24 Email: [email protected] Muöpítll, 23 Ecrctc\lßpíou 2022 AP. 1510 Hpoç: MODERSOF, S.E. (email: inlòfâmodersof.es) TAPICERO MADRID (email: [email protected]) Y) BENIGNO ROMERA FERNANDEZ «11póGK).t1G11 …EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA EÒvtKÓv KaTtoôt0T@LaKóv IlaveatLGTÚILLOV Aònvóv IAPY@EN TO 1837 . Author: Maria Vlachou Created Date: 9/18/2019 2:35:10 PM ...

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According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, it is worth US$0.75 in Fine condition, US$1.50 in Very Fine condition, US$8.00 in Extremely Fine condition, US$80.00 in Uncirculated condition ...EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA EðVLKó KaatoôLGTptaRÓ Aùnvóv nEPlØEPElA NOTIOY ATAIOY . Title: Η ΑΡΧΑΙΑ ΑΛΑΣΑΡΝΑ ΤΗΣ ΚΩ Author: Νικόλας Created Date:EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA EðvtRóv Kat KartoÔtGxptaRóv IAPYOEN TO 1837 . Title: Αθήνα, 7 Οκτωβρίου 2015 Author: Ειρήνη Created Date:EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA YIIOYPrEIO YIIOAOMQN& METAQOPQN YIIHPEZIA IIOAITIIUZ AEPOIIOPIAX rENIKH AIEYOYNZH AEPOMETA@OPRN AIEYOYNZH IITHTIKaN IIPOTYIIRN TMHMA IITHTKEE AEITOYPTIAZ AQRN TIAHPOcDOPIEX: KuP. M.IIaqaAo66qq E-mail: mpaschaloudis~hcaa.com OEMA: IE1c6om.1 Operations …

Greece 's first postal service was founded in 1828, at the time of Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire. This initial service continued mail delivery and, later, the issuing of postage stamps until 1970. It was then succeeded by the Hellenic Post S.A. (abbreviated ΕΛΤΑ), which remains Greece's official postal provider. Best Answer. Copy. You are asking about a 5 Drachmai coin from Greece (KM#71.1 or 71.2). What you are reading as "eaahnikh ahmokpatia" is actually the Greek words "ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ...EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA APIETOTEAEIO IIANEHIETHMIO @EEEAAONIKHE HOAYTEXNIKH EXOAH KOEMHTEIA KoogúŒop: Kovotctvcívog A. Kat01(papúKnç Tnl. 2310995601 e-mail: [email protected] AHMOKPATIA IONIC) LIEY9YNîH AIOIKHTIKOY TMHMA AIAAKTIKOY - EKn/KOY npoŽnnlK0Y Képwpa, 16-02-2021 AP. TtPUJt.: L.A1.2/800 npož: «H Képwpa oÓ1.1Epa» rEpaoíuou MapŒcopå 28ß 49100 1<épKupct 26610-42984 26610-42220 e-mail: [email protected] Tax. A/von Tax. Kó6LKaç rlRnp. TilRé4)tovo E-mail l. …EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA ynOYPrElO yrElAE In Y.nE. ATTIKHE r. N. "EAENA BENIZEAOY • r. N. "ERENA BENIZEAOY" T.HA.. 213-2051000 213-2051599 - 210-6424068 213-2051201 213-2051397 210-6436714 CONFIDENTIAL September 29, 2023 Certificate Service Confirmation To Whom It May Concern,

EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA Ycpunoupy€ío noÀITIKóç npooraoíaç Kat AtaxEíptonç Kpí0Ewv . Title: Microsoft Word - vevaiosi-kikloforias.docx Created Date:EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA EðvLKÓv Kat KaatOÒLGTPtaKÓV naveatLGTfwtov Aðnvóv IAPY(ÐEN TO 1837 . Author: User Created Date: 4/23/2019 3:28:00 PM ...We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. ….

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Depending on the condition of the coin, it may be worth up to $10.00. Special collectors coins of 40% silver were also made in 1973 with "S" mintmarks, but not all coins with this mintmark are 40% ...Greece 1994 1844 1994 50 Drachmas 151867 combine shipping. C $26.00. C $54.75 shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED. DIM. KALLERGIS 50 DRACHMAS 150th Anniversary of Parliaments Constitutional Life. C $75.02.EAAHNIKH AHMOKPATIA EðvtKÓv Kat KaatoòL0T@taKóv IlaveatLGTÚUtov Aònvóv IAPYØEN TO 1837 . Title: Microsoft Word - _ ¥£¤ ¡ _ ¡ ¡¥ 2022-2023.docx Author: ksarra Created Date:

Lolly. I have one too and it is greek I just looked and look at this link its photos of the set of coins that were the first coins from the first greek republican state. This also appears on a set of Greek Poster Stamps That I have. There are five denominations and under it on a second is KYBEPNH*I*. I suspect they are some sort of charity labels.Coins BrassPart - 130.4.2020

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