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wdym ksp doggy is one of the very few people with common sense in this community. The city map was probably removed because air to air dogfights between buildings was counter productive for the rendering engine making it lag, too many light bounces to calculate (at least what I've experienced after changing internet company thanks to a promotion and ….

Connacht_89 War Thunder Space Program • ... That's the biggest thing that needs to change with air rb, it needs to be more than just a death match or at least offer rb ec so you can do more than just straight up deathmatches with ground attack planes and bombers. I would even argue that the A-10 at it's current BR would be great with just AIM ...They used to be a lot better than they are now, at any rate. Personally I’ll take imperfect dots over glowing player names anytime. Glowing player names would absolutely ruin Sim air and tank RB/Sim. The fact they’re in air RB is a huge part of why air RB isn’t fun for non-meta planes, and why it’s so repetitive.

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A 15-minute long, hard-capped air RB game is too short to do anything creative with other than kill the other team as quickly as possible. [deleted] • 2 yr. ago. Combo of playerbase split concerns, which are valid, as annoying as they …Slyke Jul 19, 2019 @ 1:40am. All in all air RB means higher risk and higher reward. If you're confident in your ability to get kills, RB is more efficient (ground striking / bombing is more profitable there too, but it doesn't necessarily translate into wins so it doesn't mean as much as kills). In practice, though, the two are so different ...This data is from Thunderskill, which is by nature biased upwards. Thunderskill stats represent people who are invested in the game enough to use 3rd party stat trackers, and therefore more likely to be better than the average player. So the average winrate across all Thunderskill users is actually above 50%.

All in all air RB means higher risk and higher reward. If you're confident in your ability to get kills, RB is more efficient (ground striking / bombing is more profitable …And landing with a broken plane is hard with a controller. TheFlyingRedFox •. Frigate Masochist, Amateur Naval historian, RB NF. • 4 yr. ago. Yes but also no have the right bindings and you can land anything even things that cannot repair. Geez thx game can't repair but fly 20km's & safety land a busted aircraft.match time in RB. As a player who played this game since it first came out i have a really big think and that is the time limit in Air RB.RB turned into AB with this 25 min time limit. i wich we had more time in RB ate least 50 minutes .. few years back the time in Air RB matches was 1.30 h and it was good ...HOW the fuck do people enjoy Air RB? : r/Warthunder HOW the fuck do people enjoy Air RB? I am struggling to get kills on fighters using the P39N-0. I have watched multiple YouTube videos and read multiple Reddit posts, all telling me to: -Sideclimb -Dive on enemies -Don't turn fight enemiesAlso be aware of your surroundings ALL the time but especially right as you're going to engage a target. You need to know if he has allies nearby and where and also where your allies are so you know where to turn towards if things go south. DEFYN on YouTube has good guides, Jengar as well. For reviews Tims Variety is really good.

It feels like the point of playing ground RB has changed from actually playing in tanks, to instead being focused on who can get enough spawn points for a jet or heli with guided bombs/missiles. My suggestion to fix this: Remove air vehicles from ground RB. Create a new game mode called "Mixed battles" where both air and ground vehicles can ...Great Britain: 1061×433 181 KB 1061×1081 472 KB 1061×507 207 KB 1063×650 271 KB Legend/terms: *All air speeds are IAS (Indicated Air Speed) *All speeds and climb times are on AEC with the … ….

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Use some of the Function keys for missing/reconfiguring binds to make adjustments to my setup. Additionally, if you have a numpad you can make even more chan...Then on ‘normal’ maps, the spawn is dependent on plane type which is on the info card. Fighters on the runway, interceptors a little in the air, attackers in the air and forward, air defence a bit higher than interceptors, then front line bombers then long range bombers highest. It is a little less clear now as several types (attackers and ...

RB Air is too slow. As a player who is new to air battles, but plays a decent amount of ground RB. Air RB is painfully difficult to learn due to how long matches take. I'm an adult who only has a few hours to play in a given week, I've been trying air RB and it seems like 80% of my play time is take-off and climbing just to immediately be shot ...A10's and su25's have ruined air rb. all aspect missiles do not belong in a br where half of the planes don't have countermeasures. its infuriating to play 10 matches and die 10 times to missiles you literally cannot dodge. how can i enjoy playing when every death is undeserved. i could equip rocket pods, but then i would be fucked over by ...

mp3 downlaod The kind of cheats you describe are simply impossible for how the game is implemented. The amount of hacks that people think exists in air RB that actually simply aren't actually possible is funny to me. The only hacks that can be used in air RB is knowing the enemy position and getting a lead indicator. lunch bag lujanprepare_inputs_for_generation Air rb control setup. I was wondering if anyone could help with my control setup. I'm using mouse and keyboard and I want to start playing air rb, but I can't get the simplified controls to work for me. I can't even pull a loop in test flights. I'm trying to run mouse joystick setup on simplified controls, but I've noticed watching phlydaily ... craigslist vacaville california And when possible stay together, 2 bombers together fare a lot better than one. Don't do it. Use fighters. The problem is, bomber heavy teams hav a way higher chance to lose the game. So you get less sl and rp. And dogfights provide at least a bit of action after all the climbing. Bombing is mor or less afk playing. loc styles on short locsused small fishing boats for sale by owner near mewhere is the cheesecloth at walmart MysteriousContext27 • 2 yr. ago. I have played Air RB since war thunder was a game,back then it was called Historical Battles. It is incredibly fun. Yes,it has boring moments (like climbing for about 5 min) Air RB requires some knowledge of playstyle of your plane,the enemy plane and how air combat works.Jets - All Nations (6.0 - 9.3) - Air RB - Performance Guide: Jets - All Nations (6.0 - 9.3) - Air RB - Performance Guide - Game Discussion / Realistic Battle - War Thunder — official forum. Air RB - Map Temperature Guide: Air RB - Map Temperature Guide - Game Discussion / Realistic Battle - War Thunder — official forum. Air RB - Game ... mike clay cheat sheet The document on Google Docs, the Enduring Confrontation wiki and the general formula of 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 x 500kg are all inaccurate to what bases in air RB require in terms of bombload to be destroyed. Does anyone know how to find out in the game files or something what exactly the requirements are? I also tried testing in custom battles but …Oct 13, 2023 · war thunder needs to have a second life for airplanes,it will be fun using 2 airplanes from different BR, in air RB. Air RB needs good pilots enjoying flying and the game mode itself. And “the one match, one life” game mode is actually (at least in theory) a pretty good way to prevent lobbies filled with pilots limited to headon attacks. section 221 state farm arenahimynamestee nudedoes celina smith do porn It's like jousting for RB Air elitists who like showing off their e-penis. It's the most fundamental form of War Thunder. Shooting down enemy planes in an extremely repetitive death match game mode. An acquired taste. I personally transitioned to air superiority and CAS in ground RB now. More fun, more varied, and actual impactful objectives.Aircraft: RB way, way, way more RP than AB, SB provides more RP than RB, but not too much since it is harder to do stuff in SB compared to RB in air battles; if you are great with a joystick SB gets the best rewards but otherwise 5-10k+ RP a battle is standard in air RB. Tanks: Realistic provides a little more than AB, Simulator Battles ...